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A Lot Of Brasil

A Lot of Brasil, Brazilian Furniture Industry, was founded in 2012 by Pedro Franco with the aim of producing the best of world design on Brazilian soil, industrially, and in a way to offer competitive pieces to the domestic and international markets. It was the first industry in Latin America to be selected to participate in the Milan Furniture Fair.

In recent years, it has been present at fairs in various countries, such as the Milan International Furniture Fair, ICFF NYC, DW Mexico, and Index Dubai. Renowned designers have collaborated with the company, such as Alessandro Mendini, Borek Sipek, Irmãos Campana, Fabio Novembre, Nika Zupanc, Pininfarina, Karim Rashid, Vico Magistretti, and others.

A Lot of Brasil

Selling good design, to many and in quantity, faithful to this principle, today we have achieved our objectives. Through investments in molds, technology, material research, and, above all, in the development of good design, we have become editors and producers of our collection.

Given the brand's relevance, the company has earned covers and features in national and international magazines such as New York Times, Frankfurter Magazin, Casa Vogue, Vogue Italy, GQ, Projeto Design, IstoÉ, Design Boom, Elle Decor, among others.


Pedro Franco,

Background: Pedro Franco holds degrees in Philosophy (PUC RS), Architecture (Belas Artes de SP), and Executive Management (Fia/USP).

Pedro Franco is widely regarded as one of the foremost figures in contemporary Brazilian design. In addition to his original creations, he is the founder and art director of A Lot of Brasil, which is renowned for pioneering the edition and production of pieces signed by global designers on Brazilian soil.

His professional scope extends to strategic design for industries and involvement in architecture and scenography projects.

Pedro Franco's collections uniquely express Brazilian roots, reflecting his singular perspective. Among his notable achievements are:

• The conceptualization of "Industrial Brazilianness," wherein he developed innovative and sustainable technological raw materials sourced from seeds of Amazonian fruits. A prime example of this innovation is the Esqueleto Chair, crafted from acerola seeds, a distinctly Brazilian fruit.

• Emphasizing the significance of different Brazilian micro-regions, which serve as themes for his collections. Noteworthy examples include the Cariri Collection (2017), Tocantins Collection (2018), and Fernando de Noronha Collection (2019).

• Pioneering techniques that facilitate the industrialization of manual processes. His latest collection is remarkable for its exquisite preservation of Brazilian handmade lace.

• Collaborating with skilled artisans from diverse locations, engaging in co-creation projects that uphold and celebrate traditional craftsmanship.

The designer demonstrates the fusion of Industry, Design, and Artisanry, and his work embodies an emotional ETHOS beyond functionality.

Notable pieces include the iconic Esqueleto Chair (2012) and Poltrona Underconstruction (2010).

Media acclaim includes the Italian Corriere della Sera dubbing him "The New Wave of Brazilian Design," and The New York Times featuring his Poltrona Underconstruction among "Milan Salon's Top 4 Trends." Istoé magazine hails him as the "New Star of Brazilian Design."

He's participated in Milan Design Week for 18+ years: "Fuori Salone" (2000-2009), Salone Satellite (2010-2012), and his own stand for 7 consecutive years since 2013.


Franco invited globally acclaimed designers to create A Lot Of Brasil, besides being mentored by Marva Griffin and Vanni Pasca.

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